Nothing is impossible if you think about it. Let us know your requirement and we develop a solution that is tailored specifically to your problem. Our services are varied for all components of your aquarium and if you let us be happy as a whole.


Aquarium constructions of every size, form and material


Scratch-free installation of more than 120 panels to 22t of weight with a total weight of more than 160t of acrylic glass. Installation of 97 discs from group shatterproof glass to 1,8m x 3m size. Seal and introduction of more than 4800m of silicate seam free of leakage. Coating for washbasin of more than 1000 m2.


Abrasion and polishing of acrylic windowpanes from visitors´ side and waterside. Abrasion and polishing of silicate windowpanes. Renovation of the aquarium tank. Exchange of blind panels


of all components and technique


exchange. Removal of leakage. Renovation of coatings


We show this website some of our projects we have completed successfully.